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  1. Finola & Robert; our sincere thanks for all the wistful pleasures your wonderful posts have generated for us throughout this difficult year. They have enabled us to indulge our frustrated desire to be in West Cork, even if only in the imagination. Our very best wishes to you both for a safe & joyous holiday season

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  2. Finola and Robert: I often forward your posts to friends far and wide because they are always interesting, informative, full of culture, good craic and the joy of living in one of the most beautiful parts of the world. As an islander I appreciate the maritime bits that you write about and photograph and I am always a bit envious by how relaxed and “comfortable” the tourist component is in the economy of southwestern Ireland. Take care, mask up, stay safe and have a joyous time — that photo of Barley Lake is stunning ! But then your photographs be they castle ruins, wild flowers, or archaeological sites are always stunning (I almost forgot the stained glass………….

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  3. Hello Finola and Robert,
    That’s a lovely message, thank you both for your really interesting and illuminating posts. You are giving great insight into history and landscape.
    I enjoy reading the posts.
    Happy Christmas and maybe we’ll bump into ye on Knocknaphuca again!

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  4. Thank you Finola and Robert for all your posts – I always look forward to reading your exploits in west Cork, especially the excellent photography – always informative and interesting. Hopefully can visit west Cork again sometime in the future.

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  5. Spectacular photo of a favorite spot of ours. Thank you Finola and Robert for your weekly posts which touch our hearts and feed our souls with our mutual love of Ireland, its landscape, its history and its people.
    May you have a blessed and safe holiday and New Year. Patti & John Bennan

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