Rock Art

This page is all about prehistoric Irish rock art. Generally now thought to date to the Neolithic period – about 5,000 years ago – rock art is found on outcrops and boulders in the Irish countryside. The central motif is the cupmark, a semi-spherical indentation that has been picked or bashed out. Cupmarks can occur alone, with nothing in the way of a discernible pattern, or they may appear to be arranged in rough lines or semi-circles. A rock with cupmarks only is labelled a Cupmarked Stone in the National Monuments record. If the carvings include other elements it is labelled Rock Art – the other elements mostly often take the form of circles, single or concentric, and straight or curved lines, occasionally arranged in patterns. Nobody knows if the motifs carry a meaning, but they persist in time (carrying on well into the Bronze Age) and space – the rock art tradition is found all over Atlantic Europe, so it is obvious that they codified or expressed something important to our ancestors.

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