Our Rock Art Exhibition!

A joint post by Robert and Finola…

Derrynablaha A2.PC9

For all of you who are fortunate enough to live within reach of our beautiful part of West Cork we are pleased to invite you to our exhibition, which is being shown as part of the Ballydehob Art and Culture Weekend, running from 17th to 19th October. The exhibition is being held in the West Cork Gourmet Store (go left at the statue of Danno and it’s just up on the right, behind the Post Office), and it will continue to run there during opening hours for the two weeks after the Art and Culture event.

Finola studied for her Archaeology degree at the University of Cork, and her thesis was written on the Rock Art of Cork and Kerry. For her research – in the early 1970s – she travelled across the two counties on a borrowed Honda 50, visiting every piece of Rock Art known at the time, and recording each piece using a tracing technique which would not be allowed today. The thesis is a unique and valuable archive of the rock carvings, which date back anything from three to five thousand years. We believe that this is the first time a comprehensive exhibition of Irish Rock Art has been shown.

knockdrum detail.PC9

Regular readers of Roaringwater Journal know that we are still working on Rock Art: Robert has recorded some more recently found examples using a ‘non-invasive’ technique, and we are involved with CRAG – the Cork Rock Art Group – under the aegis of the University, where our aim is to produce a website which lists and illustrates all known examples of Rock Art in the west of Ireland. Eventually the work may extend further afield: there are Rock Art sites elsewhere in the Republic. Similar carvings are found on the Atlantic coast, from Scandinavia down to Iberia.

Finola, Gary and companion study the Art

Finola, Gary and companion study the Art

On Saturday 18th October the exhibition will be formally opened at 4pm, and we will be giving a talk on the subject and on our adventures studying it. Some refreshments will be on hand: please come if you can!

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15 thoughts

  1. Congratulations on your presentation this weekend. It’s a celebration of the hard work that began so many years ago. Well done! I know that more exhibiitions will follow and recognition too.


  2. Congratulations, Finola and Robert! So happy you’re following your dreams and making them happen, Finola, including the resumption of your rock art studies! I remember hearing about the Honda research travels sitting around the dining table here in Hope, BC–and now look at all that’s happening! Way to go!


  3. Finola and Robert, Hearty Congratulations on your upcoming rock art exhibition! It’s really great, Finola, that you are following your dreams and making them happen, including the resumption of your rock art studies. I remember sitting at our dining table hearing about your early travels on the borrowed Honda. And now look! Wonderful! Wish I could zoom over from Canada on the 18th!


  4. Great news Robert and Finola very exciting. My belief is such work is to be seen for the enlightenment and enjoyment of all. I hope the exhibition is well attended. Sadly I can’t make it this time.


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