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A1 The Mizen (see also Fastnet Trails)

Dunmanus Bay

Another Grand Day Out on the Fastnet Trails

The Rocky Road to Nowhere


The Mountain Road

The Old Mine Road

Foto Mizen!

Mizen Magic

Mizen Magic 2: The North Side

Mizen Magic 3: Brow Head

Mizen Magic 4: The Beaches

Mizen Magic 5: Top 14 Pics of 2015

Mizen Magic 6: Schull to Castlepoint

Mizen Magic 7: Dunbeacon – History, Prehistory and Questions of Access

Mizen Magic 8: The Altar

Mizen Magic 9: Rossbrin to Schull

Mizen Magic 10: Sailor’s Hill

Mizen Magic 11: Rock Island

Mizen Magic 12: Autumn Colour

Mizen Mud: Recipe for a February Exploration Day

Bay of Rainbows

A2 Sheeps Head (see also Sheeps Head Walks)

Remembering (Air India Memorial)

Amid Unbearable Tragedy – a Model for the World

Goats, Bees and Spies on the Sheep’s Head

Ghosts of the Past

A3 Beara

Sun’s Out!

The Red Line – Bere Island

Back to the Beara

Beara – the Lie of the Land

Body and Soul

A4 West Cork Towns, Villages, Islands and Special Places

The full extent of the column of Cornish granite and the stub of the original steel tower.

A Pyramid in West Cork

A Walk on Sherkin Island

The Priest’s Leap

A Day on Cape Clear: Guest post by Hugo Caron, 11

Heir Island – a Modern Paradise

Own a Piece of Ireland (Best Christmas Present EVER!) (Cape Clear Trust)

The Fortunes of the Hare

Shay Hunston and The People of the Wild Atlantic Way

Lost Landmark (The Mine Chimney, Cappaghglass)

Island Hopping

Castle Haven


The Village That Never Was (Courtmacsherry)

Beyond Leap – Beyond the Law

An Charraig Aonair: The Fastnet Rock

A Change to The Fastnet Lighthouse

Cape Clear

Whiddy Island

Stories and Stained Glass (Castletownshend)


Hare Heaven (Sherkin Island)

A5 West Cork, General

Bohemians in Ballydehob! (A new Arts Museum)

The Soul Expands with Beauty (Skibbereen Arts Festival 2018

Coming Home (Exhibition at Uillinn, Skibbereen)

Skibbereen Celebrates: Arts and Artists (Skibbereen Arts Festival)

Uillinn – Surviving and Thriving

The Elemental World of Cormac Boydell (A West Cork artist)

Robert Gibbings (A writer and artist from County Cork)

Buzzing and Humming (Art Exhibition)

Robert’s Favourite Posts

It’s Been Five Years! Finola’s Favourite Posts

The Best of Five (Top posts of all time)

Top Ten West Cork Photographs of 2017

Hikelines – a Blog for the Soul

Terry Searle – A West Cork Artist

The Edge of the Landscape – William Crozier

Artists of the Western Coasts

A Watery Tale

Spring Green

West Cork in Photographs – Your Favourites, Part 2

West Cork in Photographs – Your Favourites, Part 1

Your Favourite Posts of 2016

The Murdering Glen

‘Auf der Walz’ – The Journeymen

Champions for Ireland

Some That Got Away (Yet more Irish Signs)

Good Signs

Beyond the Mizen: Top 14 Pics of 2015

Showing Off West Cork

Out and About with Visitors in West Cork

In the Wilds of West Cork

The Southern Star

The Coast of West Cork

Uisce Beatha


B1 Trips and Adventures

*Suitable for children   **Suitable for teens and older

Landscaping – with Trish Punch**

Family-Friendly Archaeology*

Ewe-nique Experience*

Magic Forest*

Seeing the Light (photography course)**

Sky Garden (At Lissard Estate)*

Liss Ard Gardens*

Glebe Gardens*

Starlight Bliss (moonlight kayaking on Lough Hyne)**

Sail Away, Sail Away (sailing with Carbery Sailing)**

Pigs and Ponds in Ahakista (Heron Gallery Gardens)*

Mount Gabriel*

Durrus Delight: Carraig Abhainn Gardens*

Gortnagrough Folk Museum*

Staff of Life (Heir Island Bread-Making School)**

Three Pilgrims in West Cork*

Buckets of Culture

Half-Term Break*

B2 Walks

Sheeps Head Way

Sheep’s Head: Searching for Cornish Miners

Coomkeen, Summer and Winter

Mount Corrin Walk

Walking the Sheep’s Head Way (book review)

Of Kings and Poets (Bardic School Walk)

Hiking the Sheep’s Head Way

Fastnet Trails

Greenmount QuayAnother Grand Day Out on the Fastnet Trails

Closer Encounters – Fastnet Trails

Fastnet Trails: Rossbrin Loop, Part 1

Fastnet Trails: Rossbrin Loop, Part 2

On the Butter Road

Rossbrin Walk

B3 West Cork Festivals, Events and Pastimes

Out in the Field (West Cork History Festival Field Trips)

Countdown to West Cork History Festival 2018!

Bohemians in Ballydehob! (A new Arts Museum)

Seeking Calm Now   (a week of launches and openings in West Cork)

Skibbereen Celebrates: Arts and Artists (Skibbereen Arts Festival)

Fastnet Film Festival 2018

Buzzing and Humming (Art Exhibition)

The Red Line – Bere Island (A Taste of West Cork Food Festival)

Anam Cheoil – The Music’s Soul

Cruinniú na mBád – the Boat Gathering

Where Art and History Meet (West Cork History Fest and Reen Farm Sculpture Garden)

Terry Searle – A West Cork Artist

The Edge of the Landscape – William Crozier (Art Exhibition)

Postscript – In the Tracks of the Yellow Dog (Art Exhibition)

Forbes – An Irish Artist in Cornwall (Art Exhibition)

Up and Running! (Art Exhibition)

Artists of the Western Coasts (Art Exhibition)

West meets West (Art Exhibition)

West Cork Finally Gets a History Festival!

All That Jazz (Ballydehob Jazz Festival)

Scissors Cut Paper Wrap Stone – a Review (Contemporary Art at Uillinn)

Tech is Cool and Content is King

Into the Woods (Ellen Hutchins Festival 2016)

Cycling the Sheep’s Head

Skibbereen – Ireland’s First Gigabit Town!

Two Séans

Possibly Over-Stimulated (Skibbereen Arts Festival and Bantry Lit Festival, 2016)

Learning From the Masters

The Big Sing

Digital Skibbereen!

The Chief (Chief O’Neill Traditional Music Festival)

Sensory Upload (Skibbereen Arts Festival 2014)

Fit-up (Summer Theatre)

The Fastnet Short Film Festival

Ballydehob Trad Fest

Ballydehob Rocks Art and Culture

Ancient Tones – New Directions (Master of Tradition Festival, Bantry)

Bridge (Extraordinary Dance Event)

Dancing Cappaghglass (Tara Brandel Dance Performance)

Road Trotting (Horse Racing)

Ból an bhóthair (Road Bowling)


C1 Archaeology, General

A Pyramid in West Cork

Standing Stone Pairs: A Visit to Foherlagh

A Walk on Sherkin Island

Tralong Bay, Co Cork – A Prehistoric Drowned Landscape

Ballyrisode – Pirate Connections

Ballyrisode Fulacht Fia: Discovering a New Bronze Age Site on The Mizen

A Flying Priest, and Rolls of Butter (Archaeology and Folklore)

Lee Snodgrass and Mizen Archaeology

Boyle Somerville: Ireland’s First Archaeoastronomer

Ways West! (Travelling between Cornwall and West Cork)

Drombeg Solstice Celebration

The Old Mine Road

Cape Clear: The Stone That Moved


Boulder Burials: a Misnamed Monument?

Walking the Past

Umha Aois (Bronze Age Technology)

Tom Chloe and AnnaFamily-Friendly Archaeology

Family-Friendly Archaeology Day in West Cork (Updated)

Scratched Stone – Scratched Heads

Shadows and Stone in Action

Field Trip – with Jack Roberts

Future Archaeologists at Work

Wedge Tombs: Last of the Megaliths

Were You at the Rock?

Monoliths, Mysteries and Marriages (Standing Stones and Stone Rows)


Cures and Curses (Bullaun Stones)

A Little Adventure (West Cork archaeology)

Equinox at Bohonagh

Copper Country

Ancient Calendars

Old Stones

C2 Archaeology, Rock Art

Boyle’s Bealtaine: Rock Art, Ancient Festivals, and Archaeoastronomy

Rock Art: Returning to Derrynablaha

Revealing Rock Art: 150 Years of Images

Presenting Rock Art (Exhibition at the Schull Blue House Gallery)

Launched! (Opening of the Exhibition at the Cork Public Museum)

Rock Art Exhibition – at the Cork Public Museum!

The Complex Cupmark

Derrynablaha Expedition

Mizen Mission

Rock Art Ramblings… away from home!

Derrynablaha 10a.PC9Our Rock Art Exhibition!

Equinox Adventure

Rock Art in Danger

Diving for Petroglyphs

The Stones Speak

Here Comes the Sun


The Sun Stands Still

Rock Art


C3 Medieval History, Archaeology and Architecture

A Pyramid in West Cork

Sun’s Out (Ardgroom Outward Stone Circle)

Thaddeus McCarthy: The Bishop Who Never Was

The Cork Heritage Book Series

Stab All! (A Battle in Ballydehob)

Brian’s Sketchbook: The Signal Towers

Here Be Pirates!

When is a castle..?

Tower House Tutorial, Part 1

Tower House Tutorial, Part 2

Illustrating the Tower Houses

Trading Up in Tudor Times: Fortified Houses in West Cork

Timoleague Friary

Holy Relics + Masons’ Marks

C4 History and Eminent Figures

Welcome to the Stranger: Asenath Nicholson in West Cork


The House that Danny Built

Tracking the Trains: Railway Reminiscence (S & S Railway)

Tracking the Trains (Ballydehob and Schull Railway)

A Saint’s Day – Ciarán and Piran

Saint Oliver

Gary, Paul, and Nana’s Soup

‘Will the Hare’ – and the Mizen Olympics!


Priests and Poets, Part 1 (Stouke Graveyard)

Priests and Poets, Part 2 (Stouke Graveyard)

Murphy wins by a neck!

Ellen Hutchins: The Short and Remarkable Life of Ireland’s First Female Botanist

Irish Poldarks

March Back in Time (O’Donovan Rossa)

O’Donovan Rossa – the First Terrorist?

A Tale of Four Churches

Cork’s Rebel Daughter (Mother Jones)

From Skibbereen to the Moon: Agnes Mary Clerke

From Skibbereen to the Moon Part 2: Ellen and Aubrey Clerke

skibb stationPilchards and Palaces

November Dark

In Search of Ghosts (Marconi)

Cloyne Connections

The Workhouse

The Flying Snail (West Cork Railway)

Unknown Souls (Cillíní, Children’s Graveyards)

The Laughing Boy (Michael Collins)

The Great Hunger

C5 Architecture and Art

Bohemians in Ballydehob! (A new Arts Museum)

Keith Payne’s Early Marks

Coming Home (Exhibition at Uillinn, Skibbereen)

Art and the Workhouse

Skibbereen Celebrates: Arts and Artists (Skibbereen Arts Festival)

Uillinn – Surviving and Thriving

The Elemental World of Cormac Boydell (A West Cork artist)

Robert Gibbings (A writer and artist from County Cork}

Buzzing and Humming (Art Exhibition)

Kilcoe Studios – Dedication and Passion

The Edge of the Landscape – William Crozier (Art Exhibition)

Postscript In the Tracks of the Yellow Dog (Art Exhibition: West meets West)

Forbes – An Irish Artist in Cornwall (links between Cornwall and West Cork)

Up and Running! (Art Exhibition: West meets West)

Artists of the Western Coasts (Art Exhibition: West meets West)

Ways West (links between Cornwall and West Cork)

A Watery Tale (links between Cornwall and West Cork)

Connecting with St Ives (links between Cornwall and West Cork)

West meets West (links between Cornwall and West Cork)

Tiny Ireland

Scissors Cut Paper Wrap Stone (Contemporary Art at Uillinn)

The Golden Hour at Bantry House

The Souvenir Shop

The Fertile Crescent – A Review

A Bell for Bangor

Capturing the View: Belvederes in West Cork

The Gate to My Heart

Mosaics and Maharajas, Part 2 (Timoleague Church of the Ascension)

Mosaics and Maharajas, Part 1 (Timoleague Church of the Ascension)


Celebrating Irish Design in West Cork

William Burges and Saint Fin Barre’s

West Cork Creates

Hares in Abundance

Raw Material

Cork Menagerie

Off to Skibbereen!

Galley Head Lighthouse

Stained Glass and Harry Clarke

Nicola Gordon Bowe 1948 – 2018

Ireland’s Newest Stained Glass Window

More on Martinmas

Harry Clarke at Lough Derg

Rejecting those Earthly Dignities: Irish Women Saints by Harry Clarke

The First Viral Sensation: How a Pre-Raphaelite Painting Inspired a Generation

The Christmas Story, One Window at a Time

Harry Clarke’s Supporting Cast

The Gift of Harry Clarke

The Nativity – by Harry Clarke

Time Warp (Drimoleague Church Stained Glass)

A Misplaced Saint (Eyeries stained glass)

Discovering Richard King

Richard King in Mayo

Vernacular Architecture (Shops and Houses)

Skibb orange

Sun’s Out (Eyeries)

Into the Blue…

Orange to Green – For the Week That’s In It

Purple and Pink – and Everything in Between

A Lick of Paint

An Extra Lick of Paint

All the Trimmings

Living in Colour

Shopping for Memories

Going for the Messages

Mary Mary (Grottoes)

C6 Nature, Flora, Fauna, Environment and Weather

Chough Country

A Hare’s Tale

Wild Wall

Rainforest Path

Become a Citizen Scientist!

December in Rossbrin

The Fortunes of the Hare

One Acre – One Year On

One Acre

The Turning Year in Rossbrin

“The Wildest and Richest Gardens” – West Cork Bog Soaks

Down By The Old Caol Stream

The Lusty Month of May

A Wildflower Trail for West Cork

We Welcome the Hope That They Bring

Wild Atlantic Light – the West Cork Winter Edition

‘Twas Early Early All in the Spring (March Wildflowers)

Spring Green

Nest of the Eagle

Spioróg, the Sparrowhawk

The Wild Side

Late Bloomers: Invasive, Naturalised and Native

Feed the Bugs

The Old Mine Road

Foxglove Fever (June Wildflowers)

Tide’s Further Out!

Tide’s Out!

Words on Roaring Water


The Seven Whistlers

Atlantic Winter

All Around the Bloomin’ Heather

Hares in Abundance

Close Reading (Flora)

Window on our World…

Whisperers (Horses)

Bird Diary

Shenanigans (Foxes)

The Deer Stalkers

The Irish Elk

A Moment in Time

Old Nog

Mizen in Bloom

The Barnacle Goose – and Other Wonders

Code Red

Outlook: Changeable

Loon the Sentinel

The Roaring

2haresStormy Weather

Theme and Variations

A Charm of Goldfinches

Autumn Comes to Roaringwater

Gorse, of Course

A Chatter of Choughs


A Grand Soft Day

Two Hares

Making Friends

C7 Food and Markets

Your Favourite Place for Breakfast in West Cork?

Summer Markets

Say Cheese! (Making goats cheese)

Moongazy Pie

A Carnivore in West Cork

Black Pudding

Nollaig ar Nead an Iolair

Christmas Markets

The English Market

Making Butter

Food Glorious Food

Monica’s Kitchen

Monica Rides Again

Back to Monica

To Market, To Market

West Cork Food



D1 Speech and Language

Some That Got Away (Yet more Irish Signs)

Freshly Dug Queens (More Irish Signs)

On the Passing of Poets

Simply Signs

How Are You Keeping?

You’re Grand

West Cork Speak: Lessons 5 to 7. And PRIZES!

West Cork Speak: Lessons 3 and 4

West Cork Speak: Lessons 1 and 2

Place Names – and PRIZES!

D2 Music and Storytelling

Vinegar Hill (Boolavogue and the 1798 Rebellion

Two Séans (Seán Ó Sé and Seán Ó Riada)

Learning From the Masters

Slides or Jigs? Polkas or Reels?

Ah! Sweet Fiddler…

Man of Music (Canon Goodman)

Troll Tuning

The Clare Trumpet

The Melodeon

The Tailor and Ansty

Burke Hayes CahillMeet the Seanachaí


Tuning In

Music Mad

Craic agus Ceol

The Other Crowd (Story)

A Child’s Christmas in Dublin (story)

A Midwinter’s Tale (story)

The Music

D3 History, Archaeology and Architecture (non-West Cork)

The Rock of Dunamase and Ireland’s Most Iconic Painting

Brabazon of Tara

‘Ye Citie of the Seven Crosses’ (Irish High Crosses)

Off the M8 – Searching out Péacáin

Off the M8 – A Secret in The Glen of Aherlow

James and Eleanor (Treasures of Gowran, Co Kilkenny)

Ballyfin – Part 2: Decline and Revival

Ballyfin Bliss

Ireland’s Finest Prospect – The Story of Ballyfin Demesne, Part 1

Rock Art: Returning to Derrynablaha

Gothic Revival – With Bells (Cobh Cathedral)

Recording the Sheelas

Kilkieran High Crosses – Medieval Gems

The Splendour of Cobh

Vinegar Hill (Boolavogue and the 1798 Rebellion)

Viking Traces (Rathdown Grave Slabs)

Fading Treasures (Irish High Crosses and Early Grave Slabs)

The Best of Five (Top posts of all time)

Off the M8 – Exploring the Delights of Durrow (Irish High Crosses)

Adare Manor

The Wonders of Monasterboice (Irish High Crosses) 

Edifying and Eccentric – The Earl Bishop

The Significant Rock Art of Clonfinlough

Irish Romanesque – an Introduction

Irish Romanesque 2 – Doorways

Cormac’s Chapel: The Jewel in the Crown (Part 1)

The Treasures of Castledermot (Irish High Crosses)

Ancient Irish Art – Moone High Cross (Irish High Crosses)

Ireland-Canada: Famine, Fenians, Friends!

Dividing the Day (Following Saint Brendan)

Off the M8 and into Medieval Ireland

End of Navigation (Travel by Water series)

Sliding into Kerry (Macaura’s Grave and the Battle of Callan)

Cloondara Mill (Travel by Water series)

Grand Canal Hotels (Travel by Water series)

The Christmas Story, One Window at a Time

Clonfert, St Brendan – and the Ghost of British Fascism (Travel by Water series)

Jazz Age Architecture (Christ the King Church, Cork)

Wild Beasts of Ireland

The Town of Luan’s Ford (Travel by Water series)

The Headstones of Ferns

Headstones or Folk Carvings?

Memento Mori (old graveyards and headstones)

The Fiddle-Maker’s Ghost (Travel by Water series)

Travel by Water 2 – A Tale from Trollope

Travel by Water

Tracking the Past

The Navel of Ireland

Betjeman in Ireland – Poet and Spy?

Green & Silver

Champions for Ireland

Hail the Mail (Post boxes in Ireland)

Discovering Carrowmore

Susan’s Burren

True to Life

Aweigh in Kerry


The City of Shrone – and a talking cow!

Liscarrol: Cork’s Keepless Castle

Fourknocks – the Little Giant!


Hill of Slane

1916 and 485 (Glasnevin Cemetery and 1916 commemorations)

Youghal’s Walls

When in Youghal

Perspectives of Irish History

Outposts of Empire

The Love Which He Bare Her

Murphy wins by a neck!

The Booley

The Hallowed Fortress (Kells Priory, Co Kilkenny)

A Medieval Feast (Jerpoint, Co Kilkenny and Kells, Co Meath)

Forgotten Hero – Michael Davitt

Irish Farming – 6,000 Years Ago (The Céide Fields)

High Drama! (Round Towers)

Ireland of the Welcomes

Ireland of the Welcomes – Back to 1971 (Jan-Feb 1971)

Battling It Out (Brian Boru)

News from The Pale

A Week in Clare

Irish History – an Englishman’s Perspective

D4 Religion, Saints, Traditions and Folklore

A Visit to Knock

Darerca – A Neglected Saint

Finn McCool’s Causeway

Pagan and Pure (Imbolc/St Brigid’s Day)

More on Martinmas

Harvest Time

A Saint’s Day – Ciarán and Piran

Licking the Lizard – or The World Turned Upside Down (Shrove Tuesday Folklore)

The White Hound of Brigown

Molaga of the Bees

All Silver and No Brass (Mumming)

Good Well Hunting (Duhallow)

‘Auf der Walz’ – The Journeymen

A Bell for Bangor


An Irish Shakespeare

Gather Your Seaweed

‘Going to the Skelligs’

Atlantic Winter

Snakes Alive!

Wayside Miracles

Queen of the May

First Foot

A Murmuration (St Gobnait)

The Irish Valentine


holy waterThe Holy Wells of Cork

Lough Hyne Holy Wells


November Dark

Snap-Apple Night

The Children of Lir

A Misplaced Saint (St Kentigern)


Baby Jumping (Corpus Christi)

Dancing Sun

Good Friday – Foraging and Feasting


Giolla Brighde (St Brigid)

Nollaig na mBan

Wrens and Rhymers

Christmas Cribs

The Green Saint (St Patrick)


Getting in the Christmas Spirit

And did those feet…

Mary Mary

D5 Driving and Touring

Finn McCool’s Causeway (Giant’s Causeway, Co Antrim)

Falconry Fantasy

The Gap of Dunloe


Into the Heartland (the Irish Midlands)

Into the Kingdom (Kerry)

Up the Airy Mountain

Irish Roads

Dear Minister

Driving Home the Point

Rules of the Irish Road

Driven to Distraction

D6 Irish Art, Craft, Stained Glass

Evie Hone and the Modernisation of Irish Stained Glass

Loughrea Cathedral and the Irish Arts and Crafts Movement

Sorrow and Joy: Hubert McGoldrick in Gowran Church

The Elemental World of Cormac Boydell (A West Cork artist)

Robert Gibbings (An artist from County Cork)

Ireland’s Newest Stained Glass Window

George Victor Du Noyer at the Crawford Gallery

Adare Manor

On the Passing of Poets

Discovering Richard King

Richard King in Mayo