It’s just one way of looking at our environment: we are being hunted down by a pair of mechanical eyes on orange stalks. Another way of seeing it is as a public work stand for cyclists! I certainly prefer the former…

It’s a dangerous world . . . You never know what you have to watch out for. Obviously it’s time for another selection of signs and similar. Mostly, these recent examples come from not too far from home. But keep your eyes open at all times – wherever in the world you are.

It has to be Ireland if there’s a carrot in a tree.

Also if there’s a traditional music group on a window-cill.

Friendly advice always welcome…

This one is just down the road from us: it can’t fail to attract customers.

We might call this ‘accidental art’ – it’s a long abandoned hull in a decaying boat-shed near Leap, West Cork.

A very long way from here, as it happens. Perhaps a slightly strange way to sell your services?

This – on the other hand – is service with a friendly face, in Cork Market.

I liked this giant mural on the railway station in Greystones, Co Wicklow.

Another mural – and a few recognisable faces.

A whole lot of the signs in focus today don’t need any comment from me!

Last, but by no means least – the one below greets us every day as we make our way along our West Cork lanes: hope you get a kick out of them all!

You’l find more Irish signs here.

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