Freshly Dug Queens

It’s always the ones that got away that are the best! We saw Freshly Dug Queens in a field of potatoes in Northern Ireland but were unable to stop on the busy road to capture it on film. We are just left with the concept hanging in the air… Worthy of a title, however, for this latest review of signs – amusing, curious and sometimes just plain puzzling – from all around Ireland. Take a look at the picture above: the dramatic Mountains of Mourne form a serene backdrop, but I couldn’t resist the enigmatic message hanging on a pole beside the beach.

It’s always the case that context is everything: where the sign is often provides the clue as to what it means. But it’s almost better not to know the context. This time around, I’m including some which are purely pictorial – and even some shopfronts which, for me, enter the category of Folk Art. There’s plenty more in my own archives – you’ll find some here. Meanwhile, just enjoy them for the visual delights that they are.

You’ll notice that I have a particular liking for the various Guiness signs. That’s because I remember being fascinated by them during my childhood. I think I learned to read through looking at them!


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  1. The opening image is not at all enigmatic but a direct quote from the Book of Jeremiah, Chapter 8 & verse 20. The Bible implores us ‘to go out in to the world and preach the Good News of Salvation’ and that is exactly what signs such as this are doing in their own individual way. I much prefer the original irregular, hand painted examples to the mass produced printed versions- they add so much to the fabric of the countryside.


    • I certainly agree that they add to the colour and character of the landscape. We saw many more handpainted signs while in Northern Ireland. Thank you for commenting.


  2. Brilliant ! I have had 20 minutes of continuous laughter from this and have cancelled my next appointment with the doctor – I feel so much better ! just thank you !

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  3. I am completely bemused by the Kinsale sign “Older Persons, please respect this sign”. It’s one of those nonsensical messages that completely fails to communicate, or can be taken to mean whatever one wants it to mean!

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