Our Favourite Photos You Never Saw – Finola

Rabbit Island

The traditional continues, with a twist. This year, instead of photos we’ve already published, we’ve gone through our albums and chosen the ones we didn’t use this year (2021) but want to share now. It’s a fairly random collection – our guiding principle was personal preference or something that jogs a pleasant memory for us, all taken in West Cork in 2021. Some of them are similar to images we have used, but that’s because we take so many! So, as every year, although we’ve provided links to relevant posts, we’ll keep the writing to a minimum – all you have to do is scroll!

A stone row shown to us by the marvellous Walking With Stones.
Nothing lifts the spirits in spring like the exuberantly flowering Blackthorn
And nothing concentrates the mind as this look, noticed in the act of climbing over a gate
Thank you to John Kelly for the treat of a visit to Reen Farm Sculpture Garden
Dunlough Lake, at Three Castle Head – the lake rather than the equally iconic castle
An Early Purple Orchid, spotted at my favourite graveyard
Couldn’t resist the delicate tracery of those wings!
Readers know my love of gates – this fabulous example appeared after I had written my two posts on vernacular gates, here and here
On the Sheep’s Head – taken during our Dander
In Castlefreke Woods – we love walking in woodland in the spring, when the bluebells are out
Inchydoney Beach – Robert wrote about it in his post Inchydoney – And Virgin Mary’s Bank
The magnificently restored Kilcoe Castle at sundown
A mysterious megalithic tomb – we’re not quite sure what type it it – on a mountain in West Cork. We haven’t written about this one yet, but getting to it was quite an adventure.
Muscle beds and a castle – quintessential West Cork! This one was taken from Roaringwater Pier.
The traces of lazy beds can still be discerned on this isolated patch at Lackavaun, on the north side of the Mizen
Early in the new year we clambered around Mount Gabriel, looking for the fabled Cauldron Pool. We found it, with Schull stretched out below.
I think I might have used this one in my Dander on the Sheep’s Head post – but what the heck, I love it so here goes again
Looking across to the Beara from the Sheep’s Head
Great drifts of Thrift at the old mine site at Dhurode, on the North Side of The Mizen

11 thoughts

  1. Beautiful photos and sentiments to enjoy on Christmas morning. Thankyou Finola and Robert for the travel tales and photos that brightened up every week in 2021. Blessed to live in paradise Wishing you all the best for 2022


  2. Was the best left for last ? It’s been a year of such interesting adventures in text and photography. Here’s to your health and happiness in 2022 !


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