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  1. Exquisite. Flowers and photography. So healing. Recently I have moved nearby. Entranced with the serenity. Would be grateful to join any wild flower walls planned.


  2. Just beautiful Finola! Was the Bee Orchid the one we spied up in the Kerry heights that day? Your eye and the eye of your Camera plus the hours you have dedicated to your piece will remind me of the many hours spent in the lanes of West Cork just peering.


    • Not the bee orchid – I think we were finding Heath Spotted Orchids and I had one of those in but it didn’t make the final cut. So glad this brings back happy memories for you. X


  3. Wonderful show Finola You must get great exercise getting down on your knees, and even more getting up again. Some, a few, I recognised – the majority seemed like new species to me! And wonderful to catch the insects going about their business Remarkable how hairy so many of the plants are. You have made me rethink our local walks here in Wicklow – observation over exercise is the mantra, I think? Best wishes Paul PS We still have not ventured west – pull of the work to be done in the garden here, and deterred by the poor weather forecasts for Mayo. Will the weather ever SETTLE? Went to Huntington Castle on Friday last – house curious but ravishing garden. Latter well worth a visit, and the whole enterprise well worth supporting. Clonegal, tiny village, is lovely.

    On Sun, 2 Aug 2020 at 22:18, Roaringwater Journal wrote:

    > Finola posted: ” Enjoy this slideshow – every one of these flowers is > native to West Cork. Music by Enya” >


    • Hi Paul – I am just grateful that I don’t normally have an audience for the process of getting back up! There are a few differences in what wildflowers you might see on a daily basis in Wicklow versus West Cork, and a few of these are uncommon or hard to spot, but most are just all around us in the hedges and lawns. A lot of these I have photographed in my own garden.


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