Bookended by Covid

Well, it was inevitable – two years after our first Covid-related posts, we both caught it. It is everywhere at the moment here in Ireland and this Omicron sub-variant is the most contagious yet. Fortunately, we are both vaccinated and boosted, so what we’ve had is a ‘mild’ dose. It was unpleasant – like a heavy cold but with added tiredness – and I feel like a wrung-out dish rag now, although far better than a couple of days ago when this was the best I could manage.

We recognise how privileged we are – we have a place like this to hunker down and recover, we have the wonderful Fields of Skibbereen to deliver groceries, and lovely friends and neighbours offering to make deliveries and sending cheering phone calls and WhatsApp messages.

While Ukraine burns our troubles seem very small indeed. If you’re inclined to make a donation, we recommend doing it through the Red Cross.

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