Health, Happiness and Harry Potter Lego

Is making a wish a universal phenomenon? The Kenmare Fairy Trees are at the edge of the Stone Circle that Robert is writing about today. I was very taken with the variety of wishes.

Predictably perhaps, the most common wish is for good health, although love comes a close second – and if both of those are in place, happiness can’t be far off.

Love is all very well, but it’s important to be practical too.

We can’t seem to avoid politics, although the second one seems like very, er, wishful thinking.

Me too!

Each to his fancy and me to my Nancy, as the old lady said as she kissed the cow.

Family is always top of the list.

Saol fada agus bás in Eirinn (may you have a long life and die in Ireland).

Wishes work best when you ask politely.

Just get me home safely!

Feel the magic.

What would you wish for, Dear Reader?