Our New Navigation Page

sailing day 1We now have over 250 posts, dating back to 2012, and it’s getting harder to find older information on Roaringwater Journal. Help was urgently needed, so your dedicated bloggers have pulled a few all nighters (OK not really – we’re too old for that) and produced – TA DAH! – a Navigation page.

Click on the Menu button (the left one in the header photo)  and click on Navigation. This brings you to our new Table of Contents. We’ve created four divisions, the first three about West Cork: PLACES TO SEE; THINGS TO DO (including child-friendly stuff); and ABOUT WEST CORK. The last division is ABOUT IRELAND. Each one has subdivisions and numerous post links.

Take a browse and tell us what you think. Suggestions for improvements are welcome. Now that we’ve set it up, we can keep this page updated as we go along.

Happy travels!

Happy travels!


8 thoughts

  1. Love your blog, accidentally came upon it recently. Beautiful pictures and lots of great info…….no cooking in my kitchen tonight……I will feast on all your great offerings !!!!!


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