1000 Posts In – How to Navigate Roaringwater Journal

We just passed 1,000 posts – our two today will be post 1007 and Post 1008. While this is something to celebrate, we are conscious that as the site gets larger we need to provide navigation tools. One of the ways we have started to do that is with more ‘Menus’ – more about that below. Let’s start with the basics. Here’s a quick guide to how to find your way around so that finding our content will be a bit easier. Your best friends are the three icons on our Home Page banner.

Clicking on the Three Bars will take you to our Menus sidebar. The All Pages – Navigation Menu has a general Table of Contents under four broad headings and lots of subheadings, but it’s really long, so we have started to do more specialty Menu Pages now, so that we can group subjects in one place. Today Finola added a new menu – Flora and Fauna of West Cork. Take a look – she has gathered together all her posts about wildflowers and Robert’s about the animals we see around us here. It was a good exercise for Finola – reading her very old posts she saw that she knew then very little about the wild flora of West Cork, not even the names of common flowers. Now, while still no expert, she is confident enough to lead wildflower walks.

The first Menu on this sidebar is the About and Contact Page. This is where you can send us a message – there’s a form to fill in, and it gets delivered to us as an email.

The middle icon is the Cog and clicking on it brings you to a side bar with several items. The first is the subscribe button. Entering your email address here will subscribe you to Roaringwater Journal. You should get a ‘please confirm’ email. If you have any difficulty with this let us know by contacting us using the form on the About and Contact Menu (see above).

Below that is a list of our latest posts (handy for a catch-up) and below that is a button to click if you want to follow us on Facebook. Finally, there is a list of the blogs we follow (needs updating!) and an ‘archive’ button, if you want to see what we published in a certain month, any year.

The final icon on the banner is the magnifying glass and clicking on that will bring up a search function. Place your cursor on the word ‘Search’ and type. It’s pretty sophisticated and can handle any term – a word, a phase, a title. There’s one more help menu that few people stumble upon. When you are on any page in Roaringwater Journal, scroll down right to the end of the page. Right at the bottom you will see a Plus – a Large +.

Clicking on that will open a menu of our Categories and Tags. Only the most frequently-used tags are here, but you might find them useful if you’re looking for specific content – Driving in Ireland, say, or Saint Brendan, or Traditional Music.

Now, so – happy browsing and do let us know if you found this post useful, or if you have any questions we haven’t answered, or if something isn’t working the way it’s supposed to. You can comment below, or send us a message (now you know how).

Robert and Finola

Our New Navigation Page

sailing day 1We now have over 250 posts, dating back to 2012, and it’s getting harder to find older information on Roaringwater Journal. Help was urgently needed, so your dedicated bloggers have pulled a few all nighters (OK not really – we’re too old for that) and produced – TA DAH! – a Navigation page.

Click on the Menu button (the left one in the header photo)  and click on Navigation. This brings you to our new Table of Contents. We’ve created four divisions, the first three about West Cork: PLACES TO SEE; THINGS TO DO (including child-friendly stuff); and ABOUT WEST CORK. The last division is ABOUT IRELAND. Each one has subdivisions and numerous post links.

Take a browse and tell us what you think. Suggestions for improvements are welcome. Now that we’ve set it up, we can keep this page updated as we go along.

Happy travels!

Happy travels!