Theme and Variations

November sky at Nead an Iolair

Prelude: November sky over Nead an Iolair

Up on our hill above the Cove we are constantly treated to painterly skies. We could fill a whole blog with these changing skyscapes, and now – in late November – we have an extended period of clear cold weather which offers us spectacular sunsets: each day seems to outdo the previous one. On our walks we can’t resist using our cameras to record the wide West Cork skies, although these pictures are barely adequate to recreate the full celestial symphony. We have tried to come up with words to express to ourselves how magnificent these are: somehow the words seem trivial…. Stunning crops up frequently, as do mesmerising, awe-inspiring, exquisite, sublime, unsurpassed. Perhaps it’s best just to let the images speak for themselves: we feel privileged to be living in this incomparable land.

Bay rainbow

Overture: Bay rainbow

Sheep's Head sky

Arietta: Sheep’s Head horizon

Bow over Bishops Luck

Intermezzo: Bow over Bishops Luck

Ballybane sunrise

Crescendo: Ballybane sunrise

Silver sky

A bocca chiusa: silver Mizen sky

Sky trail

Segue: Meteoric dawn

Rossbrin, dusk

Tranquillo: dusk at Rossbrin

Two suns

Caballeta: two suns

Wide sky

Con fuoco: Roaring Water resplendent


Cadenza: transcendental times


Finale and Coda