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  1. I stumbled on this website while researching the life of St Kentigern and was fascinated to see why a church in Eyeries with these beautiful windows was
    dedicated to St Kentigern, a Scottish Saint . I am very interested in Celtic saints and went on searching for an Irish connection to this saint. The only one
    I found was that he appears to have lived at the same time as St Columba and that the story goes that they met up , embraced , had a long conversation and exchanged episcopal staffs. This is probably known to the person whose website I accessed but have been unable to find again but just in case it isn’t
    I thought I would put it out there in the hope of exploring this further and getting to the bottom of this mystery.


    • Hello Maire – thank you for your comment on my St Kentigern post. I found some mentions of the saint – mainly with Scottish connections, though. I will have to go back to my notes to see exactly what I came across, and I will let you know. Best wishes – Robert


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