Time to Refresh

Mum and three lambs

Everything is looking fresh and new in West Cork these days as we revel in the early summer light. Time to perk up Roaringwater Journal too, with a new look and feel and better navigation. We like this full-page look, with the menus in sidebars and more information in the footers. It’s designed to look good on all devices.

We hope you agree, but do let us know what you think.

8 thoughts

    • The search icon is the one on the top right, that looks like a magnifying glass. The middle icon includes a drop-down archive search, but it’s right at the bottom of all the menu items. Unfortunately, this theme allows me to put all my widgets under what looks like a “settings” icon, rather than the menu icon. Not sure why. Thanks for the feedback, Roy!


  1. Looks great! A few goodies to discover under those three icons in the header and the ‘+’ in the footer which all go to make navigation easy and adaptable. (WordPress still not the easiest application to log into to post comments though – but that’s not your fault!)


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