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Our Facebook page

Our Facebook page

We have heard from some readers that they prefer to access blogs through Facebook, so after a year of thinking about it (Ah sure you wouldn’t want to be rushing into things, would you now?) we have taken the plunge and set up a Facebook page for Roaringwater Journal.

Besides links to our regular weekly blog posts, this page will feature photographs that haven’t made it into a post, or items that catch our eye as we continue to explore our West Cork home. If you’re on Facebook, do drop by and hit the LIKE button so that we will show up in your news feed. If you’re not, or you’d rather just get the weekly posts, don’t forget to enter your email address in the box on the right: you’ll get an email every time we post something new on the blog.

Ferdia's not on Facebook - he just wanted to say hi.

Ferdia’s not on Facebook – he just wanted to say hi.