Northern Exposure

Robert and Finola

Roaringwater Journal has been to Canada! Both of us have family in Canada and this was the Christmas to see them. We’ve had a truly fabulous time with all of them, much of it spent in deepest winter conditions. Herewith a few pictures just to give you the flavour of the landscape we encountered.

Northern British Columbia was a wonderland of hoar frost and wildlife.

The farms in winter were fascinating and everywhere the vistas were entrancing.

Pemberton, beyond Whistler, retains a pioneering charm and embraces outdoor pursuits no matter what the weather.

Vancouver (city) and Vancouver Island enjoy a temperate climate – but glimpses of snow and ice are never far away.

Mount Baker

See Robert’s post on Pioneers for more musings on our time in Canada. Our normal focus on West Cork will resume shortly – as soon as we recover from the jet lag. We hope you have all had a great holiday season and wish you the very best for 2016.Blue jay

9 thoughts

  1. Such a different world but it looks and sounds as though you both adapted very quickly! There was snow on the hills when we arrived home from London yesterday but it’s raining again now! Much looking forward to a catch up.


  2. great having a visit while visited some of us still in Canada’s North was indeed a magical Christmas..your photos are wonderful , …hopefully our next visit, Donegal, Cork or Mayo …


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