More Signs…

As you know, I’m keen on signage, and always on the lookout for unusual examples. Not just signs, but anything a bit out of the ordinary – like that suspended boat, above, seemingly related in some way to a large ice cream cone. Every few months I present you with examples taken from our travels – this time from near and far. I’m not going to reveal where they all are, unless anyone is really desperate to know. Just enjoy them!

This fish shop sign is rather wonderful. It’s not actually a fish shop (but it ought to be) – It’s a first nations exhibition centre in Sidney, Vancouver Island. We spent a while this summer visiting Finola’s Canadian family (there are lots of them) and we had a wonderful time. These two are also from British Columbia, but thereafter you are on your own!

What’s in a name? You have to wonder whether this one (above) is deliberately suggestive.

I liked these cement tanks…

While this message is instructional.

Bees, bears or big cats – wherever you are, be prepared to fight back!

Colourful cabinets: I’m always looking out for decorative street furniture. The one above is in Ireland; the next four are not!



I wouldn’t mind this number plate for myself!

I have captured lots more in my latest collections, but I will leave the rest for other times. Just finishing off with something a bit offbeat: an impressive new mural at Killruddery House, Co Wicklow.