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  1. Thank you for your enlightening, educational and entertaining stories in 2018. My family is from Beara, right over the Cork border in Kerry, so I particularly love the posts about sites and history in W. Cork. I look forward to reading many more posts in 2019, they are a breath of fresh air amid the detritus of the news in the U.S. Happy Christmas and a healthy New Year!

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  2. Dear Finola and Robert,
    Merry Christmas to you, too. It is wonderful to read your blog posts every week, especially while being abroad. I am looking forward seeing and reading from you again in 2019.
    Happy holidays,

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  3. Thank you, Robert and Finola, for all the fascinating research and the inspiring views of the landscape and people of West Cork you have brought us in 2018. All power to your pens in 2019! Happy Christmas.

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